Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Are you interested in earning your High School Diploma? Do you want to earn credits based on Life Experience or other training or education you have completed?

The PLAR process will allow you to be granted high school credits based on:

  • Courses completed in another High School (In Ontario, another Province or another Country)
  • Courses completed in a post-secondary school (College or University)
  • Life experience

**If you have previously graduated from a Canadian College (2 or 3 year program) or a Canadian University, you can earn up to 29 credits.

Who is eligible for PLAR?

All St. Nicholas students are eligible for PLAR

How does PLAR work?

Grade 9 & 10 Credits

The goal is for all students to achieve 16 credits at the grade 9/10 level. This can be accomplished with a combination of previous credits earned and Assessments.

Grade 11 & 12 Credits

Students can be granted grade 11 and 12 credits based on senior high school credits earned in another province or country or from credits earned in a post-secondary school. Grade 11 and 12 credits may also be granted based on an individual’s life experience.

“PLAR allowed me to complete the credits I needed in a timely manner. I am off to university in the fall.”

“I was afraid to go back to school, but the PLAR process made it manageable.”

“I have a college education in my home country, but I wanted my Ontario High School Diploma. With PLAR, I was able to focus on my English skills and complete my diploma at the same time. Now I can apply to college like any other Ontario student.”

“The PLAR process recognized all the training I have been doing at my job. It validated my hard work!”

“I thought it would take a long time to finish high school. PLAR helped me finish really fast. I got 12 credits by doing some assessments!”