Credit Classes

Credit classes from school or home

Work at school or from home! Students can take one credit course at a time and one course should be completed in six weeks. Students are expected to sign into their course five days per week and work must be submitted weekly. Students who are unable to meet these requirements should speak to their Teacher. We will work with you so that you achieve all of your academic goals.

Regular attendance through logins and ongoing communication with your Teacher are essential. Students not meeting these requirements place themselves at risk of being withdrawn. Students need to contact their Teacher when they are absent.

E-learning courses from your computer

E-learning courses are open to any adult 18 years of age or older in Ottawa who needs or wants to take credit courses to complete the requirements of a high school diploma or obtain prerequisite courses for college or university. You must not be registered in any other day school.

E-learning students must complete a general online orientation prior to starting their course. All courses have a Monday start. Once the online orientation is complete, the student emails their teacher informing them of its completion. The teacher then provides each student with their username and password.

  • Once logged into a credit course, students are required to complete a course-specific orientation.
  • Courses are designed to be completed in six weeks.
  • Teachers are available in class, via email and by appointment.
  • Students are expected to log onto the course site 5 days per week.
  • Text books and all other course materials are available online.
  • Courses are done one at a time. Concurrent courses are not allowed.
  • Math and science courses include a midterm exam that must be successfully completed.
  • Each student must successfully complete the final exam and/or RST to earn the credit.
  • To register for your next course, call, email or visit Student Services. A counsellor must approve all new course requests.