Credits @ Work

Credits@Work program

The Credits@Work program provides employed adults the opportunity to earn credits toward their high school diploma while at work and receiving their regular pay. Students earn one credit for every 110 hours on the job. Call us for more information.

I am very proud to be a high school graduate. With a Mature Student Evaluation and earning credits through my work, I finished high school and got the job promotion I wanted

St. Nicholas Graduate

Employee’s responsibility

Prior to counting work hours and earning credits, Credits@Work students must:

  • Meet with a counsellor and a Credits@Work teacher
  • Complete a pre-placement package within 1 week of registration

Once the pre-placement package is submitted, the student, employer and teacher meet to sign a Work Education Agreement. Once signed, hours of paid work will start to count towards credit(s). During the Credits@Work hours, students must complete and submit weekly log sheets/journals and do some assignments.

Employer’s responsibility

Employers for Credits@Work will be asked to:


  • Sign the Work Education Agreement
  • Confirm WSIB coverage for the workplace
  • Sign weekly log sheets prepared by the student
  • Meet with the teacher to discuss the student’s job performance