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Career counselling

Career counselling is available to our students. In consultation with a counsellor, your interests, values and skills will be examined to narrow down your career choices. As well, the counsellor can suggest several on-line tools that may be helpful in discovering an appropriate career choice for you.

The following career profiles may be helpful.

Career counselling websites

Counselling services

Individual and group

  • provide career and educational guidance
  • develop individual academic learning plans
  • short-term personal counselling

Academic and career planning

  • university/college information & applications
  • apprenticeship programs
  • employment opportunities

Referrals to community resources & agencies

Loan information

Check if you are eligible for a student loan:

Visit CanLearn – interactive information and tools designed to help you save, plan, and pay for post-secondary education.

Visit Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) or call 1-800-387-5514

Financial aid

Check out these links:

If you have any additional questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact Student Services at St. Nicholas Adult High School to speak with your counsellor. Stop by the office or give us a call at 613-228-8888.